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Mission Statement

To prevent cruelty to cats. Help shelters save homeless cats from shelters and rescuing them from crisis situations. Furnishing shelter, food, and veterinary care. Ensuring proper socialization and adopting them out to individuals or families. A community resource for humane education and advocacy.

About Us

PURRsonal Space ‘ROCKS’, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization ‘Reaching Out to Cats & Kittens in Shelters', and saving the lives of homeless cats in crisis situations. We are designed to provide a temporary home for cats in need of a loving home. We do all we can to ensure the happiness and safety of our cats by spending one-on-one time with very traumatized cats after losing their families, providing love and socialization, helping them trust a human and preparing for the transition from homeless to adopted. 

We also provide services to help families rehome or find temporary homes so they can avoid going to the shelter, as well as providing resources for community cats. One of our main prerogatives is to educate and provide guidance to others assisting cats on their own as well as work with families to obtain services for humans and animals. We give many donations we receive to other rescues, pet parents in need, our local food pantry, colony caregivers, shelters, and fosters, and will connect families with these other organizations when their needs are greater than the scope of our ability.

Take a journey through PURRsonal Space 'ROCKS' development over the years!

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