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History of the Organization

Established in 2017, award-winning professional pet sitter, Lori Genstein, recognized a need for education, stronger bonds between humans and animals, and awareness of resources for pet parents to help animals remain in their homes. By organizing and hosting events reaching out to the community, she built a foundation for her ideas and continued to push for the well-being of animals. After receiving excessive calls for assistance, her focus shifted to prevention and saving the lives of homeless cats. In order to pursue these goals, a central location to reach greater quantities of people and animals was established. ‘PURRsonal Space - SJ's Cat Lounge’ and ‘PURRsonal Space ROCKS, Inc., Cat Rescue Reaching Out to Cats & Kittens in Shelters’ were set up as the main base for protecting the animals.  


At the inception, ‘PURRsonal Space - SJ’s Cat Lounge’       in which patrons could schedule visits to play with the cats in a lounge. Although, these events don’t happen anymore due to the pandemic, it played a vital role in giving the homeless cats the happy   

In 2020, the mission and work of PURRsonal Space expanded to becoming a cat rescue exclusive for The Lounge, and PURRsonal Space ‘ROCKS’, Inc. was founded, then received 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit public charitable organization and tax exempt status in 2022.  

The organization’s name, PURRsonal Space ‘ROCKS’, Inc., ‘ROCKS’,  an acronym for ‘Reaching Out to Cats & Kittens in Shelters’ refers to working with shelters to help reduce the voluminous amounts of cats unfortunately killed daily.

PURRsonal Space ‘ROCKS’, Inc., developed a foster program, furnished a temporary cage-free home at The Lounge, and now promotes animal adoption, education and is a place for everyone to experience the joy, fun, beauty of cats, and therapeutic benefits of their PURRs. 


Built out of the love for cats, PURRsonal Space ROCKS, Inc. strives to give each and every one of our delightful cats for adoption a temporary safe space, security, socialization, enrichment, and, above all, love.

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