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Cats for Adoption








Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adoption, saving the life of a homeless cat & adopting through PURRsonal Space! 


 about our cats for adoption by clicking on their profiles.

Schedule a visit to The Lounge. Entry fees are a donation to help provide shelter, food, veterinary care and supplies.)

Relax, meet the cats in PURRson and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of PURRs.

During your visit you'll learn as much as we are aware of each cat's backgrounds, why they're in need o, a medical history anif they have any individualized needs. 

We'll show you each lovie's favorite spots to be pet; if they do not like pets, we must respect that.  Each has favorite toys to play with you to have fun together, snuggle, take photos, brush those who enjoy being pampered, create lovely memories and hopefully it will also be the beginning of forever love!


You'll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions about the cats and we'll review the adoption process. 

If you're interested in adopting a cat, you can fill out an application right then or submit one electronically.  There's a

non-refundable $20 administrative/processing fee.


Applications must be completed in their entirety with required accompanying documents attached or they shall not be considered.

??? Vet references, personal references, employment, residence, allowance for pets in rental properties and condos are all confirmed.  Current driver's license, lease or HOA full pet policy disclosure, tax bill or mortgage statement are required to ensure payments are up to date.


??? All individuals in the household must meet the cat.


??? Home visits are conducted to acquaint the cat with the new environment, as well as check for safety concerns.

Insert prelim approve v. final approval.


Before any cat leaves to go to their new home they must have an appropriately-sized and functional carrier, collar and ID tag, food and litter from us to ensure a transition will take place if they changing their diet or type of litter used. 


If the cat is nervous, extremely shy, etc., we may bring the cat to the home

???Check adoption email to see if anything needs to be added or edited.

Application Fee:

Adoption Fee

$150 Per Cat

paw print

Adopter's Responsibilities

Owning a pet is a privilege, as well as a huge responsibility, as we as owners must provide for them for many years to come, ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives. As a pet owner, whether it’s your first, or not, you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your pet. 


Make sure you are committed to raising your pet since it is more than just providing the necessary requirements of food, water, and shelter. You need to maintain a positive relationship with your pet by spending quality time with them, providing them with enough amounts of exercise, and training them, especially with socialization.


Raising an animal also is an investment of time and money, as your pets will need preventive health care, on top of needing money for their needs, and for emergencies if they were to occur. Invest your time into making sure that your pet is safe, and not allowing them to not become strayed. 


Each of our cats is already spayed/neutered and microchipped, but as pet owners, it is your responsibility when getting a new pet to make sure to get them spayed and neutered as well as microchipped.

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